Redefining diagnostics.

Biosensors for rapid clinical diagnostics, life science research, & industrial monitoring

For life science research

Tired of waiting for your binding and kinetic measurement results to return from the lab? Sharing your instrument with too many users?


Try our personal tool to analyze biomolecular interactions and generate real-time readouts on concentrations, binding affinity, and kinetics.


Measurements at nM range

Real-time readout

Results within minutes


Take it wherever you go

Quantitative results

'Yes' or 'No' is often not enough

R&D kits

Your organisation is interested to develop nanomaterial-based sensors (chemFETs, grapheneFETs/label-free immunoassays)?


Kick-start your development with our R&D kits consisting of reader unit, software, and unfunctionalized sensors.

Meet the Team


Ruizhi Wang
Co-Founder and Engineering Director

PhD Nanotechnology @ University of Cambridge
Master in Mechanical Engineering @ ETH Zurich

Christoph von Bieberstein
Co-Founder and Commercial Director

Master in Strategy and Management @ University of St.Gallen
McKinsey & Company Alumn

Team members

Evangelia Vezouviou
Biochemistry Scientist

Research scientist @ Philips and Swiss Precision Diagnostics (Clearblue)
PhD Biotechnology @ University of Cambridge

Lukas Vasadi
Biomedical Engineer

Master in Biomedical Engineering @ University of Cambridge

It is our mission to design and commercialize novel nanomaterials for biosensors in clinical diagnostics, life science research, and industrial monitoring.

Our proprietary composite nanomaterials make our sensors as sensitive as the state-of-the-art laboratory tests while being small enough to fit in your hand.

In the news

Cambridge, United Kingdom
Zurich, Switzerland